Animalbetized Name Artwork

Looking for a unique, personalized gift of art for someone special in your life?

My “animalbetized” artwork combines animals with the alphabet in a fun and educational way. Each letter in the name is associated with animals that begin with that specific letter — see if you can name them all!

This personalized artwork makes a great gift idea for children (e.g. baby shower, birthday, baptism, etc.) or anyone who loves animals.


  • J – jellyfish, jacana, jaguar
  • A – antelope, armadillo, alligator
  • C – cheetah, caterpillar, cow
  • O – ostrich, opossum, octopus
  • B – beaver, bat, bear


  • G – goat, groundhog, gecko, giraffe
  • A – armadillo, ant, alligator
  • B – bat, beaver, bee, bear
  • R – rabbit, raccoon, rhino
  • I – inchworms, iguana
  • E – eel, echidna, elephant
  • L – lemmings, lobster, lion
  • A – antelope, aardvark, ape

Each name print is one-of-a-kind – a different combination of animals is used every time. Letter colours can be customized to a specific scheme such as matching the colours of a nursery room.

Print size: 14″W x 11″H
Print only: $65 for names that are three letters or less; additional $5 for each letter above three letters
Frame size: 20″W x 16″H
Framed and matted: Add $90
Plexiglass replacement of standard glass in frame (recommended if being shipped): Add $70
Prices do not include HST.
Shipping and handling additional.

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Thank you!